The solution to a space problem

Drying clothes indoors doesn’t have to be complicated.


You don’t need to give up space in the living room or kitchen to have a clothesline that is capable of supporting all the family’s clothes.


You no longer need to systematically use the tumble dryer, which helps not only the environment but also your wallet.


With BUNGY, your laundry is extended to ceiling height and naturally air-dries. And because it has an electric motor, the ease of raising and lowering the clothesline is just a touch of a button away.


When it’s up, it frees up all the space below: with the BUNGY you have more space to enjoy your home.

Design with functionality in mind


You can now give up the tumble dryer and let the clothes air-dry naturally.



With a powerful motor you don’t have to struggle to retract the clothesline. Just press a button.


Easy to use

Remote control or wall switch to control the lowering and raising of the clothesline. Simpler was impossible.



When is up, it stays close to the ceiling – it frees up all the space below and is barely visible. Space saving? This is it.



Patented system, tested and manufactured entirely in Europe.

Estendal de teto



The remote control is simple and elegant and can be placed anywhere near the BUNGY. It has three buttons for easy and intuitive use.

Model: BUNGY – With remote control

Dimensions: 120×70 cm

Estendal de teto



It is controlled by a wall switch that can be integrated into the existing electrical installation or to be created when installing the BUNGY.

Model: BUNGY – With wall switch

Dimensions: 120×70 cm

*The two BUNGY models are identical in size and color – they only differ in the way you control the height of the clothesline.


1. Choose the model


Choose the model that best suits your home. The two BUNGY models are identical in size and color – they only differ in the way you control the height of the clothesline.

2. Pay securely


Pay securely via any of the available methods. Any questions you may have, you can always contact us at (+351)910404084 or by email to

3. Receive the clothesline


BUNGY is delivered with everything you need to install. Then just enjoy the extra space you’ll gain and the ease of hang and elevate your clothes 🙂

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