Developed and manufactured in Europe

A BUNGY, created in 2014, is a Portuguese family business that was created with the purpose of improving the lives of urban families, intelligently facilitating the daily household tasks. BUNGY thus intends to bring to the public a product created to fill a real recurrent need:
space to put clothes dry inside an apartment.


It comes at a time when every square meter inside a house is valuable and must be used. It has its eyes on the present but a solution for the future: it is based on the values ​​of functionality and high quality; all products are manufactured with durability and practicality in mind.



BUNGY is based on adapting an old concept but focusing on innovations that differentiate it from existing offerings. The innovative design – which allows you to lift a large weight of clothing easily through a button or switch – the ease of assembly and concern for the environment, are the main assets of the BUNGY.



It was designed for people who want more space to live in their home. People looking for products that make their daily life easier and that value differentiation and functionality.



BUNGY is not only an innovative product, it is the solution to a contemporary problem facing urban families.



It arose from a real need of a Portuguese family, which decided to get down to work and design a product that would solve the problem of effortlessly climbing a roof clothesline with the wet laundry from an entire machine, at ceiling level.



BUNGY is entirely produced in Portugal.


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